Welcome To The NoPSN Repository of Apps!

Currently only supporting the Playstation 3 (PS3)

PS3HEN Users may need to resign EBOOT.BIN, and any other SELF/SPRX, for 3.55. The apps will need tested, and HEN-Compatible versions will be made, if needed.

These apps have been patched to bypass PSN login from the system. This allows you to use the app without having to also have a PSN account, or having to login to one. There are mainly 2 types of patches. The 1st type is EBOOT/SPRX (any ELF) file patches, which directly edit the executable and repack the ELF. The 2nd type is patching any other file (usually JS/SDAT) that controls PSN login.

CFW consoles can use either package, while HAN users cannot use any app that has a modified EBOOT/SPRX file. There are also HAN/OFW (etHANol) packages available for some apps, which allow these consoles to also bypass PSN login prompts. All retail packages should install on HAN/OFW consoles without issue.

[Original PKG: App-Here-v0.00.pkg / CFW PKG: App-Here-v0.00-NoPSN.pkg / HAN/OFW PKG: App-Here-v0.00-NoPSN-etHANol.pkg]